If you snooze, you lose.. weight! May 27 2015

Sleep deprivation puts people more at risk for obesity.

 Getting the recommended seven to nine hours of healthy sleep can be an effective weight loss method.. This is because without healthy sleep, the body’s endocrine system begins to have serious problems.

 Here’s how ‘Hunger’ hormones are impacted by your sleep:

  • Leptin is a metabolic hormone that suppresses appetite and makes you feel full. More sleep helps the body produce more leptin, which also aids in the digestion of carbohydrates so food is broken down more efficiently.
  • Ghrelin is a nerve hormone which helps induces hunger. Ghrelin levels remain stable with plentiful sleep. High ghrelin levels, associated with diminished sleep time, contribute to slower metabolism and a bigger appetite.

 People who sleep well and for seven hours or more have more efficient metabolism and higher calorie-burning workouts.

 You will also notice that memory, mood, and critical thinking skills improve with more high-quality sleep.

 Be sure you’re getting the sleep you need. It might even help you lose weight.