An Extra hour of Sleep Inside! November 01 2019

Hey! Where’s my extra hour of sleep? The only thing in here is a blog about daylight savings time and a reminder to set my clock back an hour! …Oh, I get it!
Daylight Savings Time (or if you want to be grammatically correct “Daylight Saving Time”), you either love it or you hate it (the time change, not the grammar), it depends on whether you are an early bird or a night owl. But let’s be honest, no one likes it when DST begins. At the beginning of DST you have to set your clocks forward an hour, so you lose an hour of sleep. There are more fatal car accidents on the Monday following the time change at the beginning of DST due to sleep deprivation.
The Beginning

    Despite popular belief farmers are not to blame. Yeah! We were surprised to. In fact farmers actually opposed to DST when it was implemented in March of 1918. A farmer’s schedule is determined by the sun not by the clock. DST was actually an attempt to conserve electricity during WW1 and Germany was the first country implement DST.

    A lot of people give the honor of “inventing” DST to Benjamin Franklin back 1784 but that’s just not true. The “early to bed and early to rise” founding father, an early bird, simply suggested that people change their sleep schedules and wake up at dawn. The first campaign to implement DST was in the early 1900’s and was led by an Englishman named William Willett, or as we here at Medquarters like to call him, Will-Will. He thought, “Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if the clocks moved forward 80 minutes so we can enjoy all this daylight in summer,” not thinking about how it would affect everyone’s sleep cycle.
Some Say "Bye Bye" to DST

    Some states don’t even do DST and choose to ignore it. In 2015 a bill was passed to end DST in the state of Alaska, and due to the fact that in some parts of Alaska night time lasts MONTHS, we can see why they don’t need it. Hawaii also doesn’t do DST, but for the opposite reason, because there’s not a hugely noticeable difference in the amount of daylight hours between the winter and summer months. The state of Arizona doesn’t have DST because it’s hot. No, we’re serious, that’s the reason. It’s so hot in Arizona during the summers they decided to leave the time at standard time all year around so there’s actually some tolerable weather during the day. The only part of Arizona that does DST is the state’s Navajo Nation, and that’s because the Navajo Nation is also part of Utah and New Mexico which do, do DST. So instead of having the 2 different clocks on the reservation, they just elected to do DST despite what the rest of Arizona did. But what’s really interesting is that the Navajo Nation surrounds the much smaller Hopi Reservation, which is entirely in Arizona so they don’t really have a reason to switch to DST. So, the Navajo Nation is surrounded both inside and out by time that is 1 hour behind, giving it the nickname the Daylight Saving Donut.
Your Extra Hour Will Arrive Soon!

    The day after daylight savings time is rough. Our biological clocks are off by an hour. It’s like getting jet lag without having stepped foot on a plane. It’s said that it takes about one day to adjust to the time change and you’re probably thinking, “One hour of lost sleep doesn’t sound like much,” and it isn’t… if you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep. If you are sleep deprived, an hour is a lot of sleep to lose. Don’t worry dear readers, Daylight Saving Time is over! Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour this Sunday, November 3rd.

 Sweet Dreams!