Customers Rights and Responsibilities

Financial responsibility
Any item purchased from American HomePatient Consumer, Inc. will require payment in full to be made prior to shipment of any items.

Equipment use and maintenance
Manufacture user guides will be provided for equipment ordered from American HomePatient Consumer, Inc. The consumer has agreed to read and follow these instructions.

Emergency back up system and trouble shooting
In the event of a power failure or mechanical failure, the consumer shall be aware that there is not a back up system built into the equipment and they should have an emergency plan before there is an emergency situation. Contact a local supplier if there is a need for back up oxygen via cylinders.

Hours of Operation
The hours of operation will be 8am – 11am Monday through Friday and by appointment. There are no after hours contacts, should you have a medical emergency, contact your physician or call 911.

Be fully informed in advance about care and treatment to be provided by the Agency.

Be fully informed in advance of any changes in the service to be provided by the agency when those changes may affect the consumer’s well-being.

Voice grievances without fear of discrimination or reprisal

Confidentiality of personal information

Have one's property treated with respect
Be fully informed of the agency’s telephone number for information, questions, and/or complaints about services provided by the agency and a description of the process for investigating and resolving complaints.

The agency shall investigate and resolve all patient complaints and document the results in a timely manner.

The agency shall label all equipment with the name, address, and telephone number of the agency.

To privacy in treatment and personal care

To be free from mental and physical abuse. Should this right be violated, the agency must notify the Department within five (5) business days and the Tennessee Department of Human Services, Adult Protective Services immediately
To have his or her records kept confidential and private. Written consent by the consumer must be obtained prior to release of information except to persons authorized by law.

If the consumer is mentally incompetent, written consent is required from the consumer's legal representative. The agency must have policies to govern access and duplication of the consumer’s record.

Each consumer has a right to self-determination, which encompasses the right to make choices regarding life-sustaining treatment, including resuscitative services. This right of self-determination may be effectuated by an advance directive.