Chin Strap - PureSom Ruby Topaz Adjustable

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Tiara Medical Systems has designed a comfortable, easy to use, and effective adjustable chin strap for CPAP users. A snug and secure design ensures that your chin will be held in place while you enjoy a comfortable sleep experience. This attractive CPAP chin strap is completely adjustable and universal. All the same benefits of Tiara Ruby chin strap, with the convenience of Velcro, adjustable straps.

CPAP chin straps are generally recommended for patients who experience their mouth or jaw dropping open during sleep. If you are not sure if a chin strap is the solution for you, please contact your physician, or give us a call. We would be happy to help you.

Note: The newer design is smaller than the old design. If your head size is small to medium this standard size will work fine. For a larger size you will need the Extra Large adjustable chin strap.


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