Cleanis Aqua Pre-Moistened Wash Gloves

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The No-Rinse Aqua Body Wash Glove is an ultra-soft, non-woven glove that is pre-moistened on both sides with a unique washing and moisturizing formula. Absolutely no water, soap, rinsing or drying is necessary!

A unique protective liner inside the glove prevents your hand from being in direct contact with soiled body parts. It is the ideal bathing solution for bedridden, incontinent and individuals on the go.

The No Rinse Aqua Wash Glove provides a more comfortable experience than the other no-rinse products and significantly reduces the amount of waste generated. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Instructions for use :
  1. Open pack
  2. Take one disposable glove and slide hand inside (preferably protected by a medical vinyl glove) and close pack.
  3. Wash skin according to currently applicable bathing protocol. The product does not require any rinsing.
  4. The lotion dries on skin and forms a protective layer. Product does not require to be dried.


Do not dispose of into the toilets. Dispose of according to currently applying protocols: dispose of into regular waste or in hazardous waste disposal if required.


  • Single-use product. Do not use more than one time.
  • Do not use on damaged skin. In case of infectious risks, use one pack of gloves for one single patient. Rinse thoroughly the eye in case of contact or the mouth in case of ingestion. If in doubts, call a doctor.

  • Absolutely no water necessary, ready to use!
  • Hospital tested and approved
  • Pre-Moistened on both sides
  • Leaves skin fresh, clean and odor free
  • Microwavable for more comfort - Follow instructions thoroughly


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