Medistrom Car Charger for Pilot-24/ DC Converter

By Medquarters

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The Medistrom™ Car Charger for Pilot-24/DC Converter is for the Medistrom CPAP Battery Pilot-24

Easy to use with your Medistrom™ Pilot-24 CPAP Battery Charger. The battery will charge in 3-4 hours. 


  1. Please connect Medistrom™ car charger to 12-volt cigarette lighter socket first, then connect the electronic device to Medistrom™ car charger.
  2. Please ensure the power consumption of the electronic device is not more tham 100 W, otherwise the car cigarette lighter fuse may be damaged.
  3. Please do not cover the ventilation openings of this car charger while using it to power your electronic device.

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