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Portable Oxygen Concentrators by SeQual are made with the same tried and true manufacturing processes that have made the Sequal name great. The eQuinox is a premium portable oxygen concentrator. Some of the unique features include a multi-language voice function. This concentrator speaks to you, in your language. This innovative feature makes the eQuinox easy to use.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators are ideal for using when you are on a trip or just getting out of the house. Unlike tanks you are not restricted to being home by a certain hour, just plug the eQuinox into your DC car outlet and breathe easy. The eQuinox POC will not lose any functionality whilst running on DC power. Some portable Oxygen Concentrators are too heavy and cumbersome to be really portable, but not the eQuinox. This Portable Oxygen Machine is only 14 lbs with the battery installed. In addition, the eQuinox comes with a wheeled cart that will make this machine even more portable. These carts have a telescoping handle, so that they are as easy to carry as airplane luggage.

SeQual eQuinox Concentrators come with a built-in oxygen concentration indicator. This is a light that indicates when the oxygen concentration is falling below optimal levels. Anything below 85% is going to show in yellow. Anything below 70% is going to show a red flashing light. If this light is flashing then the oxygen concentration being delivered is below medical grade.


"A valid RX prescription is required for this product"

eQuinox Features and Benefits

  • Verbally Speaks when There is a Change in Flow Rate
  • Verbally Announces Battery Life Remaining
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Flow Rate in 1/2 liters

eQuinox Safety Features

  • Alarms and Alerts
    • Loss of Power
    • Low Battery
    • Low Therapeutic O2
    • Output o2
    • Flow Outside Normal Limits
    • No Inspiration Detection while in Pulse Mode
    • Unit Malfunction
  • Back up 9v Battery for Alarm
  • Displays Charge Time Remaining in Minutes
  • Oxygen Concentration Indicator:
    • Green Light: Normal
    • Yellow Light: Caution <85%
    • Red Flashing: Warning <70%

eQuinox Specifications

  • Product Number: 4807-SEQ
  • Width: 10.6 Inches
  • Length: 13.6 Inches
  • Depth: 7.4 Inches
  • Weight: 14 lbs (with Battery)
  • Flow Rates
    • Continuous Flow: .5-3 LPM
    • Pulse Dose Settings: 16-96 mL, 128mL, 160mL, 192mL
  • Oxygen Concentration: 87%-95.5% at Sea Level
  • Output Pressure: 5.0 psig
  • Sound Level
    • At .5 LPM: 40 dBA
    • At 2.0 LPM: 45 dBA
    • At 3.0 LPM 46 dBA
  • Battery Life with 12 Cell Battery Pack
    • 2 LPM Continuous: 1.2 Hours
    • Pulse Setting 2: 2.7 Hours
  • Battery Life with 24 Cell Battery Pack
    • 2 LPM Continuous: 2.75 Hours
    • Pulse Setting 2: 5.9 Hours
  • Battery Recharge Time: 1.5-3.5 Hours (Depending on Flow Setting)
  • Power Requirements
    • AC: 85-246 VAC; 47-63 Hz
    • DC: 12 V
  • Power Consumption: 110 Watts
  • Operating Altitude Range: -1,254 ft to 13,130 ft
  • Warranty: 3 Years


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