Insurance Questions

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Medquarters was created to provide easy, convenient access to affordable medical equipment when and how people want it. This is ideal for people who want to take charge of their own healthcare, and determine when is the right time to replace equipment. It is also a very important resource for those facing high deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance. Medquarters helps people who want to get their equipment on their own schedule, not when an insurance company tells them it is okay (or isn’t).

For this reason, Medquarters operates as a non-participant in Medicare, Medicaid, and all other insurance payer programs and does not have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number with which to bill on behalf of our customers.

We understand many people come to our site looking to save money on the out of pocket expenses associated with their therapy and others are simply unsure where or how to get their therapy through their insurance. Our goal is to help our customers however we can and help walk them through the options that are available to them.

Medquarters provides an alternative option to users looking for discounted respiratory medical equipment and supplies for direct purchase. Please keep in mind if you are a Medicare beneficiary or have coverage through any other insurance payer, other options are available to you rather than paying for your CPAP supplies out of pocket.


Submitting claims to your health insurance for out-of-pocket CPAP and Oxygen expenses

The information below is only a guide of general instructions for filing an insurance claim on your own behalf for CPAP, Bilevel, or oxygen supplies. Please verify with your insurance company prior to filing a claim. Contact the Member Services department of your insurance company to confirm that they allow subscribers to submit claims for medical expenses purchased out-of-pocket and find out their procedure for submitting claims. Most likely, they will have a Medical Claim Form for you to complete.

Many insurance providers require a HCPCS (pronounced, “Hicks Picks”) code. This is an acronym for Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System and refers to the system of coding for services and equipment used by physicians, medical equipment suppliers, and insurance companies.

For your convenience, we have provided a list of HCPCS codes below. Not all CPAP equipment is eligible for insurance reimbursement. Items such as CPAP bed pillows, batteries, and DC adapters are not covered and considered luxury items.

Attention Medicare Patients: Medicare does not allow patients to submit claims on their own behalf. These claims must be billed from a medical equipment company with a Medicare provider number.

Reimbursement (HCPCS) Codes

This table below is for reference only. Contact your insurance provider to verify codes and ensure accuracy. Each insurance provider is different and can tell you the exact steps needed to submit your claim.



CPAP machine purchase


CPAP nasal mask


CPAP nasal mask cushion


CPAP Full Face mask


CPAP Full Face mask cushion


CPAP Full Oral Interface


CPAP Humidifier Chamber


CPAP tubing, long and short hoses


CPAP disposable filter


CPAP foam filter


CPAP headgear


CPAP nasal pillows


CPAP chinstrap


CPAP Passover Humidifier


CPAP Heated Humidifier


BiPAP purchase




Thermo Smart Tube


Oral/Nasal (Hybrid) Mask


Oral Cushion for Hybrid Mask


Nasal Cushion for Hybrid Mask


CPAP Miscellaneous (this code is to be used for any CPAP items covered by your insurance but not listed above.

For a complete list and to learn more about HCPCS codes visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.