Terms and Conditions

Financial responsibility 
Any item purchased from Medquarters will require payment in full to be made prior to shipment of any items. 


Prescription Policy

If your order includes CPAP masks, a machine, heated humidifier and/or oxygen concentrators, Medquarters will need a valid prescription in order to ship your items to you. We offer several ways to do this:



Equipment use and maintenance 

Manufacture user guides will be provided for equipment ordered from Medquarters. The consumer has agreed to read and follow these instructions. 

Medical Record Release

I consent to have Medquarters release or obtain my medical records for the purpose of providing me with medical treatment. I understand that my records may also be used or disclosed in accordance with the HIPAA Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (the Privacy Rule) as outlined in the Company’s Notice of Privacy Practices. I understand that my medical records will be destroyed only per state or federal regulations.